International Multicultural Tourism/Hotel Ownership Summit
Delivered by Warren Fields, Chief Investment Officer Pyramid Advisors, LLC

We all agree it's good for the urban community to have hotel owners who know the neighborhood, understand its needs, and can serve as role models for its labor force. For too long, African Americans and other people of color have dominated the entry-level ranks of the hotel industry. They cook our food; clean our rooms, wash our dishes, and carry our bags. These are valuable and essential roles to perform.

But we need to go further. We need African American food and beverage managers, HR Directors, Sales and Marketing Directors, Department Heads and General Managers... We need young people to understand the distinction between service and servitude.

If we begin today, with middle and high school students just beginning to consider careers, perhaps we won't need to be discussing why there are so few black hotel owners 20 years from now

DoubleTree Hotels Annual Meeting
Delivered by President and CEO Richard Kelleher

As always, we find ourselves at this meeting with much to celebrate. At a time when companies across America are shrinking, DoubleTree is expanding. Where others are fearful of the future, we embrace it. And while economic uncertainty prompts many companies to hold tight to the status quo, DoubleTree is boldly innovating and changing.

Now, you don't need me to tell you DoubleTree is hot! We're brash, aggressive, entrepreneurial, and hell-bent on winning (characteristics near and dear to my heart.) We're the fastest growing hotel company in America, and you are right in the eye of the storm. I'm sure to many of you, it seemed like the storm blew right through your hotel.....But all of you have responded to the merger of cultures and companies with grace and maturity.