collaborative partners

Dennehy Public Relations

Dennehy Public Relations (DPR), under the direction of Julie Dennehy, provides creative, results-oriented public relations counsel, programs and implementation services. Fruitt Communications has partnered with DPR on Fire + Ice, Streamware Corporation (both of which won Bell Ringer Awards), Gazelle, Polaroid, and Repromedix.

Gifford Productions

Gifford Productions is our go-to production company for corporate video and multimedia presentations. For more than 15 years, Fruitt Communications has teamed with Gifford to produce promotional and instructional videos for such clients as Unilever, Streamware Corporation, HydroCision, and SEE The Light.

Guarino Design Group

Fruitt Communications and Guarino Design Group have worked collaboratively for more than 20 years, on a variety of clients from Working Values Group and The Colonnade Hotel to Repromedix, Unilever, and SEE The Light.

Sheppco Web Design

Sheppco provides start-to-finish Web solutions including design, production, e-commerce and application integration. Norman "Chip" Sheppard has collaborated with Fruitt Communications on a number of projects including BatteryCorp, Kilojolts, SEE The Light, and Fruittion Gallery.