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Real. World. Education
There is a place where life takes an interesting turn. It's called the real world. It's where success doesn't always come easily but is worth the extra effort. It's where your character is as important, and maybe more valuable, as who you know or what you do. Worcester Academy prepares you for that real world like no other independent school.

Exceptional teachers and coaches inspire you to dig deeper and push harder. Learning happens all over campus, in clubs and classrooms, dorms and science labs. Just outside campus is a living laboratory—the museums, parks and neighborhoods of Worcester, where art, science, and culture really come alive. This cityscape setting adds a unique dimension to the Worcester Academy experience. Our students, of course, form the heart of the Worcester Academy experience. In middle and in high school, they learn and grow in a rigorous yet supportive, student centered environment. They come from every corner of the world and leave with the experiences and friendships of a lifetime. They're as different as can be, but they have the common goals to act honorably and engage passionately with the world around them.

We've been helping students "Achieve the Honorable" since 1834. We invite you to visit Worcester Academy to see what makes our world such a special place to be.

Report On Philanthropy/Tufts Medical Center Trust

Family Heritage
Parents teach their children life's most important lessons. Character matters. Words can hurt. It's OK to ask for help. And it's essential to help others. Families teach the value of giving back in different ways, some by quietly setting an example, others through conscious instruction. However the message is communicated, the result is another generation committed to helping the people and institutions that mean the most to them.

Among the Tufts Medical Center Board of Governors, the transfer of the philanthropy "gene" from parent to child, sister to brother, and other cross-generational pairings, happens with some frequency. Governors serve as Ambassadors of the hospital, cultivating support for our mission in the community. So it's no surprise that once a Governor is actively engaged in building awareness of the hospital's world-class medical science and services, family members enter the Tufts Medical Center orbit.

Corporate Brochure/Seamans Capital Management

In the global marketplace, where in the world should one invest?
There is no one correct answer, of course. Every client's needs are just as unique as each investment opportunity we identify. What is certain is that for select investors, Seamans Capital Management, LLC is the wisest choice to advise, manage, and support your crucial investments. Knowing where to invest is very important. Understanding when to invest can be even more important. Deciding who should guide your investments may be your most important decision.

We are Seamans Capital Management.
Global Scope. Individual Focus.

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Growing Curiosity. Challenging Minds.
Charles River School is an independent day school that takes students on an intellectual adventure of growth and discovery. Our strong academic program for children in PreKindergarten through 8th grade offers a global curriculum grounded in thematic learning—an interdisciplinary approach that weaves together a captivating course of study to cultivate each child's natural curiosity and quest for knowledge.

At Charles River School classes are small, learning is personalized and teachers are accessible. In this supportive environment four year olds learn the pleasures of reading and 12 year olds welcome the challenge of leadership. Our students learn to speak openly and persuasively. They become voracious readers, fluid writers and collaborative problem solvers. They also become academic risk takers, confident that teachers and classmates value and encourage intellectual exploration.

SEE The Light Energy Toolkits Brochure

Save Money + Energy Right Out of the Box
You know what you need to do—use less energy, cut CO2 emissions, and be more sustainable. But only SEE The Light teaches you how, when, and where to save money and help the environment by reducing energy consumption. Each market-specific Toolkit is packed with all the tools, training materials, and technology you need to put your organization on the path to energy.

At least 10% of your ever-increasing energy cost center may be attributable to waste due to the inadvertent work practices of your managers and staff. So SEE The Light Energy Toolkits tackle the areas of your facility where most of the energy waste occurs. For foodservice operations, it's cooking equipment, doors, and HVAC. For supermarkets, it's refrigeration, case-stocking, and store support equipment. And for every operation, it's lighting and temperatures. Our time-tested Energy Tips, tailored to each market segment, help managers stop the waste and start the savings.

Sales Brochure/PlanAhead from Repromedix

Answers to Questions About Having a Child Sooner... or Later
It's never easy deciding when the time is "right" to have a child. You ask yourself so many questions—Do we have enough money? Do we have enough room? What about our careers? Am I too young? Am I too old?

Today, it's common for women to postpone having children until their early 30's. While this won't be a problem for some, others will find it increasingly difficult to conceive. A woman's fertility reduces naturally with age: not only does the number of her eggs decline, but so does their quality, making it less likely that any remaining eggs will become fertilized and develop normally. Knowing whether your ovarian reserve is above average, average or below average for your age could play a critical role in deciding when to have a child.

And that's exactly with the Plan Ahead™ test will tell you. Offered only by Repromedix and available now through your physician.

Corporate Brochure/Fidelity ActionsXchange

Fidelity ActionsXchange

A New Model of Corporate Actions Intelligence
This year 250,000 firms listed on 238 exchanges will confront the financial community with over 4 million corporate action business events. The competitive pressure to produce better investment returns continues to drive the introduction and increased acceptance of more complex securities, increasing your exposure to risk.

Will all critical corporate action information reach your organization quickly, accurately, and reliably? Or will flawed intelligence from your current solution lead to ill-informed business decisions—the consequences of which could be damaging to your bottom line and your reputation?

Recognizing the risks inherent with leaving corporate action information to chance, dozens of the world's financial industry leaders place their trust in Fidelity ActionsXchange. Our innovative corporate action solutions turn even problematic data into intelligence you can use to make confident business decisions.

Fidelity Investments pioneered the delivery of trustworthy corporate action intelligence with the application of innovative technologies and structured business processes. Using patented technology in conjunction with a seasoned global research team, ActionsXchange seamlessly leverages multiple best-of-breed commercial data feeds as well as other direct data sources to deliver a superior solution.

Report to the Community, The Boston Globe Foundation

T.i.P.: Boston Teens in Print
The halls of most daily newspapers are filled with bright, thoughtful journalists who have plenty to say and know how to say it. But how many of those journalists sport stylin’ clothing, baseball caps, and iPod headphones dangling from their ears?  At the Boston Globe, the answer is plenty—every time the staff of T.i.P. is in the building for its weekly meeting. The only newspaper distributed to all Boston public high schools, libraries, and community centers, T.i.P. is the work of teen journalists who have found their voice and a forum in which to use it.

More than 20 students from eight Boston public schools are core T.i.P. staff writers and another 100 teens have been published in the paper.A collaboration of the Boston Globe Foundation and Flagship Partner WriteBoston, T.i.P. hits the street four times a year and hits home to the 25,000 readers who find compelling stories that speak to them. In addition to articles on such topics as entertainment, health, education, and politics, T.i.P. is filled with poetry, artwork, and photos from Boston Public School students across the city. And it's not just students who benefit from T.i.P.'s unique voice. The Globe's City Weekly section has printed T.i.P. articles and photos for the benefit of their Boston readership.

Corporate Brochure, Repromedix


Diagnostic Solutions at the Forefront of Technology
When you need help finding solutions to challenging cases of unexplained infertility and reproductive failure, consider Repromedix your diagnostic ally. Repromedix is a national reference laboratory working at the forefront of esoteric testing for reproductive medicine.

The company was founded in 1991 by life sciences entrepreneur Craig Sockol, in response to his own experience with infertility. Since then, physicians have regularly turned to Repromedix when routine infertility tests were insufficient; when repeated IVF or ICSI cycles were not successful; and, above all, when they—and their patients—needed answers.

Repromedix operates responsibly at the forefront of science, seeking out the most promising new technologies and embracing scientific developments before they reach "critical mass." Our R&D team of PhD scientists is led by a respected and well-published expert in reproductive failure. The team thoroughly validates test methodologies and results, ensuring every test we offer is grounded in good science. Through our relationships with many of the leading clinicians and researchers worldwide, we can offer our physician clients the most advanced diagnostics available.

Corporate Brochure, H20 Applied Technologies

H20 Applied Technologies

The H2O Solution for Utility Cost Reduction
For more than a decade, H2O has pioneered a systematic approach to facility-wide water management. The key to our methodology is looking beyond the 30 percent of a facility's water use represented by bathroom fixtures. Rather, we design and install comprehensive measures that target the remaining 70 percent, primarily process equipment and other nondomestic demand, such as physical plant applications, cooling towers, and food services. By addressing all the ways a facility uses water, H2O can reduce water and sewer costs 20-40 percent.

But water isn't the only utility expense that can be managed, and conservation isn't the only goal or benefit of H2O's services. We also look at water supply and treatment issues, as well as a facility's steam and electricity demand and solid waste disposal systems. Using proven efficiency measures that pay for themselves in operating cost savings, H2O designs projects to address demand- and supply-side management, as well as quality and performance. Most H2O programs have a quick two- to three-year payback, with impressive ROI's.

In short, H2O finds opportunities for utility cost reduction in places few have ever thought to look. It's this creativity and innovation—coupled with proven techniques, software, and systems—that defines our value to our clients.

Annual Report: Boston Globe Foundation

Boston Globe Foundation

A Foundation Takes Shape
In a city as large and diverse as Boston, there are infinite opportunities for philanthropic organizations to effect real change. Since its founding in 1982, the Boston Globe Foundation has donated millions of dollars to hundreds of area non-profits across multiple categories, issues, and geography. We are proud of our legacy of giving and believe we have made a difference in the life of our community.

Over the last few years, we have thought seriously about the Foundation's role in the community, and how we could strengthen our impact by taking greater advantage of the Globe's extensive resources and our unique position in the city. We also wanted to give voice to the interests and concerns of Globe employees.

To address these issues, we made some changes. In 2002, the Foundation hired a new director. In 2003, we initiated a lengthy, disciplined review of the Foundation's mission, strategy, programs, and reputation. Our goal? To design a more focused and strategic approach to giving based on community needs, Globe employee interests, and the company's strategic vision.

QA Brochure: Aquent


QA: Essential for Today's Changing Business Environment
Savvy managers know that software released without benefit of a thorough Quality Assurance process results in frustrated users, angry shareholders, and discouraged employees - adding up to trouble for managers. Bugs, design flaws, and implementation errors derail the successful launch of critical applications and damage a company's reputation.

Today, ongoing changes in technology development and business processes demand an even greater commitment to software quality. IT departments no longer control development timelines, which are often driven by marketing departments, or even end-users. This market-driven trade off of time for testing leads to premature product releases, exposing users to problems that would have been detected by a more formal process.

The result? More sensitivity to defects. More remediation. More expense. And risk for your company.

Annual Report: Fidelity Capital

Fidelity Capital

Last year was not a kind one for many dot-com companies. Countless publicly traded Internet-based ventures saw their market capitalization drop dramatically and some well-known online brands went offline for good. And then there’s While other “pure-play” Internet companies lost their way, and their businesses, in 2001, flourished. With an unbeatable brand name, a sound long-term strategic plan, and the power of Fidelity Capital behind it, is weathering the storm.

Charitable Gift Fund
The Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund (CGF) was founded in 1992 with the goal of transforming the profile of charitable giving in the United States. By simplifying the donation process, the Fund’s founders hoped to bring more dollars and donors to charitable giving. In 2002, as it begins its tenth year of operation, the Gift Fund’s hoped-for transformation seems like nothing less than a philanthropic revolution.

No longer the preserve of millionaires and foundations, charitable giving has entered the mainstream of American life. And Fidelity’s Charitable Gift Fund deserves its share of the credit. The Chronicle of Philanthropy rated the Gift Fund the #2 fundraiser in 2001, second only to the venerable Salvation Army. It is the nation’s fifth largest public charity and the #1 grantmaker. In January 2001, CGF announced it had surpassed a total of $2 billion in grants made to non-profit organizations nationwide.

Hospitality Services
One of the hottest business buzzwords of the 1990’s was “synergy.” The concept of leveraging the assets and advantages of multiple, related organizations drove mergers and alliances in such diverse areas as media, banking, energy services, and hospitality. Yet the benefits of synergy often proved elusive.

And then there’s Fidelity Capital’s Hospitality Services Company (HSC.) With four distinct yet complementary businesses on the South Boston waterfront, HSC is an ideal example of synergy gone right. Together, the Seaport Hotel/World Trade Center Boston, Sebastian’s, Resource Plus, and Seaport Asset Management provide business, leisure, and group meeting customers a breadth of services and facilities unmatched in the city of Boston.

Corporate Brochure: The Working Values Group

The Working Values Group

A Strategic Resource for Business Ethics
We always want to make the right decision. But how do we know what that decision is? In our private lives, we follow an internal ethical compass grounded in our own culture and values.

But what of the corporation?
How does an organization decide what is the "right thing" to do? And how can it create a culture where hundreds or thousands of employees will approach decision making in the same way? Whose ethical compass should everyone follow? What are the standards of behavior the company aspires to and how are they communicated to a diverse and dispersed workforce?

Throughout the global marketplace corporations are looking for effective tools to help employees independently make the right decisions—decisions that are consistent across the boundaries of geography, discipline, and title.

The Working Values Group is pleased to play a central role in this global evolution in business ethics. For our clients, we are a strategic resource, expert at integrating business ethics with a corporation’s core values throughout all levels of the organization.

The ultimate goal? Creating cultures where employees feel safe and empowered to do the right thing.

Corporate Brochure: Petrini Corporation

Petrini Corporation

A Family Legacy...
Since 1945, the phrase "Petrini Built" has stood for the enduring qualities of integrity, craftsmanship, customer service, and unmatched development and construction expertise. When Lee Petrini first founded the company, "Petrini Built" referred to the hundreds of starter homes the company built in the Greater Boston area that fueled the post-war boom. Today, "Petrini Built" applies just as easily to million dollar estates, corporate office parks, and retail developments. And while this three generation family-owned business has evolved from a small construction firm to an established full-service real estate developer...its values have not changed. A half-century after those first homes were built, sellers still advertise that they were "Petrini Built,"-- shorthand for the lasting value, quality, and service Petrini Corporation brings to every one of its developments.